Create a unique and personalized environment for your home or office

At Working On My Own, we design and deliver on-site interiors with a special focus on custom furniture that maximizes storage options for your space. We collaborate with you to find solutions for your hallway, wardrobe, bathroom, pantry, kitchen, bookshelf, and home office.

We accept projects throughout the Stockholm area. For more information, please see below.

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This is how ordering, payment, delivery, and assembly work

  • You send a request for a quote for your assignment.
  • We meet to review the mission.
  • We draw up a proposal according to the brief. Together with you, we go through everything and choose options that fit. We then provide a quote for the work and materials.
  • Control measurement is carried out by checking all measurements at your site.
  • We design for production. The drawings are adapted after control measurement.
  • The order is completed. 60% of the price must be paid at the time of ordering as an advance payment (*). Production drawings are sent to the factory for manufacturing. Production starts and we manage the production.
  • Delivery time 8-10 weeks after ordering (**). During periods of high pressure at the manufacturer, delivery times tend to be longer than normal. Delivery times may also be affected by the summer and Christmas periods when the factory is closed. Once your order is completed and confirmed by the manufacturer, we will contact you regarding the estimated delivery week for your order. Please note that this delivery week is also subject to change. Read more about delivery conditions here.
  • We take care of home delivery and agree with you when delivery and collection can take place at your home. The cost of home delivery and collection is not included in our price (***).
  • We will agree with you on the most suitable time for assembly. We book the assemblers and take care of the communication with them. The cost of assembly work is not included in our price (***).

Our solutions prioritize functionality and use in combination with style and detail.

Design details

Our furniture for your site-built interior can be made from the highest quality oak veneer, ash veneer or MDF. Our solutions combine design and technology to maximize your space and make your home’s interior even more beautiful.

Several variants of surface treatment

We offer great opportunities for surface treatment. Painting and fine staining options for veneer and a wide range of colors for painted MDF. We supply 5% gloss coating for light colored veneers and 10% gloss coating for dark colors. MDF is always supplied in 20% gloss finish, so almost matt.

Fronts to suit your style

We can offer high quality classic, modern and smooth fronts that can be combined with other panel details such as crown moldings. We always take your wishes into account when starting the design. Our solutions can be adapted to the details of your home interior.

Hardware and accessories of assured quality are integrated into your furniture. These ensure functionality and durability for your drawers, pull-out storage spaces or your pantry.

Latest technology for lighting

With us, you can also integrate smart lighting systems that can be controlled by sensors, for example.

Method of payment

A free meeting to review the assignment and outline the proposal.

Advance payment

(*) 60% of the price is invoiced at the time of order as an advance payment so that the manufacturer can start the production of your custom-made furniture. The remaining 40% will be binding.

Final payment

(**) The remaining 40% of the price is invoiced on delivery. We send the order only after the final payment has been made. Final payment must therefore always be received by us before delivery.

Not included in our price

(***) The following are not included in our price:

Appliances, stone countertops, handles and knobs are not included in our price.

Home delivery and collection costs are not included in our price.

Installation costs are not included in our price.

However, we handle the contact and booking with the transport company and installers.

Shipping and handling

We coordinate shipping and collection by managing all contact with the transport company. We make every effort to find a delivery time that suits you.

The carrier will invoice you directly for shipping and delivery.


We work with experienced assemblers who know our furniture. We have control over all the details before the assembly.

The assembly company and any stone company will invoice you directly for the installation.

Welcome to contact us!

[email protected]

+46 (0)735860638