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We assist in creating your own customized home office

Design your Thea service lets you customize your Thea workspace to match your style.

Our workspaces for home can be adapted to your needs and your home decor. Get inspired by the different models, colors, materials and furnishings that suit you best.

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Features – based on your personal needs and wishes

We recommend adapting Thea to your way of working. Consider what kind of technology and equipment you use when working, such as: monitor, keyboard and mouse, or just a laptop. You can also count the number of documents, binders or books you need space for and choose the height of shelf storage according to your needs. Keep in mind that most of what you use in your home office can fit in your Thea and be hidden after hours. It creates a harmonious interior and home environment even if your workplace is in the middle of your home.

Light up your home workplace

You can choose to include the lighting system to illuminate the entire space under the shelves. Good lighting is important when working and provides a pleasant working environment. You can also choose to just have an extra shelf for the monitor. On this shelf you can also place your lamp. Or if you want to attach a clip-on spotlight to the rear panel.

The style – focus on color and materials

Our style matching focused on color and materials. There are three easy ways to easily style your Thea: you can let Thea blend in with your room by using the same color as the wall, or choose the same material as your floor, or you can choose to accentuate your home decor by creating a contrast with Thea in bright colors. The possibilities are endless and allow you to have a fully customized home workspace to match your interior design.

Add colour to your life

Our workplaces are available in smooth surfaces and through the Design your Thea service you can get oak or ash veneer in a wide range of colors that come with a 5% gloss finish. Note: if you choose a dark color, Thea should be varnished with 10% gloss varnish.

We help you with advice so that your Thea is exactly what you want, your own design. Because you and Thea should be happy together and work wonders together. She follows you throughout your career.

It is possible to get your Thea in different NCS codes if you choose MDF material. Thea, which is made of veneer, can also be painted.

It is also possible to combine both colors and materials to some extent. For example, you can choose to have a certain color on the top of the cabinet and a different color on the bottom. You can also design with contrasting color on the fronts. Let your imagination run wild!

Thea stands steady with you

When we help you design your Thea, we offer three different versions of legs, always in solid oak. The legs are painted black, natural or with the same finish you choose for your Thea.

The panel is for you

The back panel of the top can be customized, the cut-out can be round or square. The panel should always have an opening so that the transformer for your electrical equipment can be placed behind it. The cut-out also ensures an extra surface where you can easily attach things like lights, microphones or pictures.

The knob is great

There are different knobs to choose from. You can also use your own knobs on Thea. The fronts are delivered with pre-drilled holes.

Carved handles can also be made. Either way, you will always be able to open your Thea in an elegant and smooth way.

Choose the hinges that best suit your style

The hinges are an important feature of your Thea, as you will be opening the cabinet on a regular basis. In addition to function, you can design your hinges in black or silver color. The choice can make a big difference to your overall design.

Shipping and delivery

Delivery time 8-10 weeks after ordering.

Shipping is included within Sweden to the following area/delivery options:

  • Delivery to your doorstep or a selected room of your choice is included in Stockholm County. We hire a shipping company that delivers from the terminal to your home.
  • Delivery to plot border/sidewalk within southern and central Sweden.
  • In northern Sweden – is for customers to pick up at coastal warehouses (Umeå, Skellefteå, Luleå) or delivered home for an extra fee (price on request).

Delivery outside Sweden:

For delivery outside Sweden, please contact us ([email protected]). We currently ship to all EU countries, with varying shipping costs depending on location. We aim to receive deliveries outside the EU whenever possible.


Our home workspaces are designed to make it easy for you to install. Find assembly instruction here. We can also recommend experienced installers if required.

Design and branding

Thea home office is sold under a protected design and trademark. Trademark: Swedish register number(PRV): 622826 and 625370. Register number in EU database EUIPO: 018817742. Design registration: Swedish register number(PRV): 85120. Register number in the EU database EUIPO: 015009485-0001.

Welcome to contact us!

[email protected]

+46 (0)735860638