The Thea Workspace for Home consists of two cabinets and a desk in tempered glass.

The furniture stands on feet and is fixed to the wall using a solid oak supporting structure.

Thea is available in four models that can be purchased directly in two different colors and two different set-ups.


Thea Workspace for Home is available in a higher and a lower model. You can choose between left and right placement of the widest door.

Thea 1 – higher model with two shelves in the top cabinet. Total height 222.2 cm.

Thea 2 – lower model with one shelf in the top cabinet. Total height 187.6 cm.

Thea 1R or Thea 2R are produced with the widest door on the right. R stands for right.

Color and materials

Thea is made of oak veneer or lacquered MDF in different colors.

On the product page you can directly choose between two colors/materials:

  • Oak natural lacquer – oak veneer
  • White (NCS S 0500-N) – lacquered MDF

If you want to order in another color(s) read more on Design your Thea.


On the product page you can choose between two set-ups, whether you choose the lower or higher model.

  • Set-up 1 – original version with top shelf and storage box
  • Set-up 2 – original version + additional shelf for monitor and lighting system

Read below what is included when you buy Thea home office directly from our website.


This is included in set-up 1 (original version)

Supporting structure in solid oak:

  • Dimensions W: 710 mm, H: 1340 mm, D: 130 mm. Weight 8 kg
  • Delivered assembled from the factory.
  • The supporting structure stands on two legs and is screwed to the wall. Metal angles and screws for wall mounting are included. Read more about screws for the wall in the assembly instructions.
  • A 4-way earthed branch outlet is integrated into the supporting structure. Cable length: 1.8 m.
  • The construction will be hidden behind the cabinets and will not be visible.

Top cabinets:

  • Dimensions W: 748/746 mm, H: 1470/1124 mm, D: 380 mm. Weight: 56 kg
  • The top cabinet comes with fitted doors with a soft-close function.
  • The L-shape of the doors creates extra space for your workplace.
  • The top shelf with 1 or 2 shelves depending on the type of Thea you choose. One shelf is divided by two compartments.
  • Rear panel with round cut-out for easy placement of electrical equipment behind the panel.
  • Smartphone mount included. It is located on the inside of the narrower door.

Bottom cabinet:

  • Dimensions W: 748/746 mm, H: 580 mm, D: 380 mm. Weight: 36 kg
  • The bottom cabinet is delivered with mounted doors with soft closing function.
  • The L-shape of the doors creates extra space under the desk.
  • The back panel has a hatch with holes for electrical cables.
  • The storage drawer is mounted in the cabinet with telescopic rails with soft closing function.

Desk (glass top):

  • Dimensions W: 1130 mm, D: 660 mm, H: 12 mm. Weight: 22 kg.
  • Fix-pointer for fixing the glass panel is delivered in an extra package.

Other characteristics

  • 2 different types of knobs are included (4 black knobs in total). H: 25 mm, D1: 12 mm/ D2: 30 mm
  • 2 oak legs included. Color: black (NCS S 9000-N). H:160 mm, D: 50 mm
  • All cables are hidden between the back panel and the wall.


Set-up 2 consists of the set-up 1 plus the following:

Top shelf with lighting

  • The lighting system is integrated into the bottom shelf of the top shelf. It consists of LED light strip (2700K warm white light), recessed profile in black color and diffuser in white opal. Sensor (in black color) controls the light when the doors are opened and is integrated in the shelf. Cables for connection to lighting, sensor, transformer and electricity are included. The transformer is supplied screwed to an MDF panel for easy installation of the lighting system.

Extra shelf for monitors

  • An additional monitor shelf placed above the desk is included.
  • The shelf can be placed at two different heights and has a hole for cables. The shelf can be used with the hole on the left or on the right.

Thea Workspace for Home is sold under a protected design and trademark. Trademark: Swedish register number (PRV): 622826 and 625370. Design registration: Swedish register number (PRV): 85120. Register number in the EU database EUIPO: 015009485-0001.